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Boiler repair in Welwyn Garden City

Offering professional boiler repair services throughout Welwyn Garden City, including St. Albans, Hertfordshire, and Harpenden.

At Vital Plumbers Ltd, our qualified heating engineers specialise in boiler repair. We are able to repair a whole range of different brands and models of boilers, so whatever boiler you might have, please get in touch with us today and we will do our best to help. We aim to address your boiler breakdown in as timely a fashion as possible, upon arriving at your property we will first diagnose the boiler fault and then provide you with a solution to the problem. We offer our boiler repair service throughout all of Hertfordshire and don't charge a call-out fee to ensure you get the best service at the best price.

Vital Plumbers Ltd complete boiler repairs throughout Hertfordshire

At Vital Plumbers Ltd, our experienced gas and heating engineers are well-equipped to handle any boilers that may have stopped working or are not working as they should be. We always try to commit to a timely response for any customers based in or local to Hertfordshire, and we are efficient in our service and highly professional in how we conduct our business. 

When choosing Vital Plumbers Ltd to repair your broken down boiler, you can be sure that you'll be choosing a company that is dedicated to ensuring that your central heating will not only be back up and running as soon as possible, but it will be left to function as close as possible to its optimal operating level.

Over the years, our Gas Safe registered engineers have helped many previous customers get their boiler back working again, and we have gone above and beyond to ensure this has been done in a way that leaves our customers entirely satisfied. What's even better is that you don't just have to take our word for it. Why not take a look at what some of our previous clients have said about us in their testimonials on our reviews page?

Signs of a faulty boiler

It's important to be able to spot when a boiler might be on the verge of a breakdown. We've listed a few signs to look out for below for your convenience... 

  • If there are some strange sounds coming from your boiler (such as loud bangs or kettling noises)
  • If you have noticed a significant drop in your boiler's water pressure
  • If your boiler switches itself off at random times
  • If there is a noticeable lack of hot water in your home, despite waiting for the tank to refill
  • If the radiators at your property are taking time to heat or aren't heating at all

How do I know if I need to repair or replace my boiler?

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to know whether your boiler needs repairing or replacing. We have listed a few things that encourage you to get your boiler repaired instead of getting it replaced. 

The age of your boiler

Even though younger boilers have a tendency to break down, it does not necessarily mean that you need to get it replaced. Many new boilers also come along with a warranty, which is highly beneficial. However, all boilers have a lifespan, and it is possible that your boiler is beyond the point of no return.  If you think that your boiler needs a replacement, then head over to our boiler replacement page

It could well be the case that you are not aware of whether or not your boiler is no longer salvageable, in which case, we recommend that you book a boiler service with our experienced team who will be more than happy to give your boiler thorough checks and tests to determine your boiler's health. Only if we think that your current boiler is negatively impacting your gas bill expenditure, or causing any resident in your home any danger will we recommend that you get a boiler replacement.

Lack of regular cleaning or servicing

Getting your boiler thoroughly cleaned and regularly serviced can help lengthen the lifetime of your boiler. Not only does it improve the overall performance of your boiler it also reduces the chances of your boiler breaking down, which means that you will have to spend less on repairs.

If you are still unsure whether you need repair or replace your boiler, speak to our qualified engineers, by giving us a call on either 01707 551 668 or 07968 941 307 and we will be more than happy to offer you our advice.

Why use Vital Plumbers Ltd for boiler repair in Welwyn Garden City?

For full peace of mind, you will be glad to know that all of our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, meaning we are fully qualified and trained to carry out gas work. Not only is this a legal requirement for anyone carrying out repair work on a boiler, but is vitally important for reasons of safety. This means that when choosing us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands when you call us for our boiler repair services. 

We understand that when boilers break down, you may be sent into panic mode, but we assure you that with the right knowledge and approach, we can help have your boiler repaired in no time! 

Someone who has not been fully trained and assessed for competency should not be working on a gas boiler. Natural gas, when not worked on properly, can lead to a whole range of negative consequences ranging from carbon monoxide poisoning to fires caused by gas leaks. Ensure that you and your property stay Gas Safe and check the Gas Safe credentials of an engineer before they start their work.

Get in touch for boiler repairs in Welwyn Garden City

If you are based in Welwyn Garden City, or the surrounding areas including St. Albans, Hertfordshire, and Harpenden, and you are faced with a boiler emergency, we highly urge you to get in touch by giving us a call so that we can respond to the situation as soon as possible. Please give us a call on 01707 551 668 and for all out of hours enquiries please give us a call 07968 941 307 which we use 24 hours a day. If you are unable to give us a call or would prefer to speak with our team via email, then you can ask us anything by emailing info@vitalplumbers.com and we will do our best to answer any questions that you may have. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can send us a message by filling out our contact form, and we will aim to respond to your request as soon as possible.

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