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How to fix a frozen condensate pipe

With December well underway and the winter months rapidly approaching, Vital Plumbers is here to provide you with our suggestions and advice on how to ensure that your home is ready for winter, as well as what to do if you wake up on a chilly morning with a frozen condensate line... Make an appointment for your yearly boiler servicing today to stay ahead of the game. Get in contact with one of our heating engineers and we'll make a reservation for you!

As heating specialists like us at Vital Plumbers approach their busiest time of year, we strongly advise all clients to have their boilers serviced if they have not already done so this year. Hundreds of individuals have boiler breakdowns each year when the temperature drops sharply as December approaches, either owing to frozen pipes or lengthy periods of time with their central heating switched off throughout the summer. We don't want it to be too late for you if you wake up with no heat in your house due to a frozen pipe or a damaged boiler, so schedule your boiler service with us immediately. Click below to request a boiler service quote!

How can a frozen condensate pipe be fixed?

Please don't be alarmed if you find yourself with a frozen condensate pipe. Vital Plumbers has listed a few actions you may follow to try and repair any damage to your boiler and get it running again! 

Initial diagnosis: 

Whether your boiler has stopped working or you have no hot water or heat in your house, one of the first things you should do is check to see if the problem is limited to your condensate line. Your boiler will most likely have a flashing amber light on the front and display a fault code if your condensate line is frozen. The trouble code will be model-specific, so check it up on the internet or in the owner's manual to figure out what's wrong.

Try turning the boiler off and then back on again:

The next step is to try resetting your boiler to see whether the problem code still appears. If your pipe was frozen but has now thawed, the errors on your boiler's dashboard may no longer apply. If the problem signs are still there after resetting your boiler, you'll need to try another option. Examine the exterior pipe Your condensate pipe's job is to drain water from your boiler and dispose of it outdoors. A plastic pipe will travel from the location of your boiler to the exterior wall of your home. It's conceivable that a pipe exposed to the outdoors has frozen over, causing the pipe to become clogged since any water within has frozen into ice.

Thawing is the common solution:

The simplest solution for a frozen condensate pipe is to thaw it and allow it to defrost. You should collect a couple of jugs of warm (not boiling) water and pour it over the piping outside your residence, in the same manner, you would defrost your windscreen on a cold morning. 

Pipe lagging can prevent pipes freezing over:

We recommend that you insulate your pipes in preparation for Winter by obtaining pipe lagging from your local DIY store for a low cost. 

To book in a boiler service, get in touch now!

We're approaching the most inconvenient time of year for your boiler to go down. Heating engineers' schedules get increasingly busy as the weather gets colder, and there is often significantly less availability for emergency plumbing and heating services, and here at Vital Plumbers, we're no different. So, don't delay in scheduling your boiler servicing by contacting immediately.

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