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Time to start thinking about a smart thermostat?

Due to the fact that we are currently in the midst of winter, everyone is looking for inventive ways to save gas in order to avoid breaking the bank. Even when it's sub-zero outside, there is a slew of options for lowering your energy consumption. Consider investing in a smart thermostat.

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Smart Thermostats (are they worth it?)

Smart thermostats have gained a lot of traction in recent years, but are they really worth the money? In a nutshell, yes. Walking over to your thermostat to change it will seem primitive in comparison once you've experienced the life-changing simplicity of setting the temperature from the palm of your hand—whether you're at home or not. Smart thermostats are more than simply nice to have. 

Heating accounts for over half of the average UK energy bill, making climate control the single most significant factor to your home's overall energy consumption. Many of these Wi-Fi-connected thermostats remember your schedule, preferences, and even whether you're at home, allowing you to save energy by automatically altering the temperature setting based on current demand.

Do the advantages outweigh the costs? 

Every year, technology becomes more accessible, and smart thermostats are no exception. Every new version of this technology is more user-friendly, intuitive, and, in most cases, more economical. Everyone can benefit from more control over their heating, but until smart thermostats became available, not everyone was able to take advantage of the numerous energy-saving potential. 

Historically, obstacles such as inconvenient control schedules, non-standard operations, and simply forgetting to set the thermostat have prevented most of us from putting a meaningful hole in our energy consumption. For the typical user, smart thermostats level the playing field.

Overall, the advantages of smart thermostats outweigh the cost. They not only give you an easy way to make some cost-cutting behaviour changes, but they also give you an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at your actual energy consumption like you've never seen before.

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