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Should I turn off my heating if I go on holiday?

Now that the restrictions are starting to ease up, many of us may be thinking about booking off our next holiday to take a break from our hectic schedules and work life. When travelling abroad for a lengthy period of time, it's critical to leave your house safe and secure. But what should you do about your heating system? 

If you leave your heating system off during the autumn and winter holidays later as the temperature drops, you may be concerned that your pipes will freeze or break while you are gone! The ideal approach to leave your heating system is completely dependent on the time of year you'll be gone.

Going away during the summer months?

Are you planning a trip away while it's still warm in the UK? If so, it's a safe idea to turn off your heating system throughout the summer. During this season, your pipes have a very low chance of freezing and exploding. Additionally, you may save money by turning off your heater for the duration of your vacation.

Going away during the winter?

On the other hand, if you're going during the winter break, you should check to see if your pipes are at risk of freezing due to inactivity. Your heating pipes will not freeze if you leave your heating system running at a low temperature. It's crucial to remember that in order to avoid freezing, you'll just need to maintain your heater on a low setting. 

We recommend that instead, you could leave your boiler on and set the room thermostat to a lower temperature to help ensure that the system is in working order when you return. Alternatively, you could set your timer to make the boiler come on for around an hour a day to help prevent frost. We suggest that the ideal temperature for your heating system is 16/17 degrees Celsius.

How to protect your home's heating system when you're not home

When you're not home, leaving your heater on might raise safety concerns owing to the possibility of something going wrong while you're gone. The good news is that regular boiler servicing may help you avoid problems like gas leaks, water leaks, and failures. You shouldn't have any problems keeping your heating on while you're on vacation as long as your boiler has been inspected by trained heating professional.

The fact that you are safeguarding the people within your home is arguably the most significant advantage of having your boiler serviced on a regular basis. A regularly serviced boiler will help make your living or working environment safer, whether it's a business facility or a family house near Welwyn Garden City, Harpenden, or St Albans.

 You should be aware that a faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous, as it can cause fires and toxic gas leaks that are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye. That's why you should hire an experienced gas engineer to service your boiler today, whether you live in Welwyn Garden City or the surrounding areas of Harpenden, St Albans, or Hertfordshire.

Contact us for boiler service in Harpenden

With all being said, maintaining the health and durability of your boiler requires regular servicing. Our specialists here at Vital Plumbers will check and test all of the key components within the boiler during a boiler service to discover any issues that might endanger your safety or reduce the efficiency of your boiler. We recommend scheduling a boiler service during the summer months to prepare your house and boiler for the winter, but we're glad to service any boiler at any time of year, so please contact us using the details below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would want to request any of our services. You may contact us by calling 07968 941 307 or 01707 551 668, or by sending an email to info@vitalplumbers.com. You may also contact us using our website's contact form