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Why it's smarter to get your boiler serviced in summer

While the warmer weather starts to slowly arrive, the last thing that you'll be thinking about might be when to book your next boiler service. But in fact, Vital Plumbers Ltd are here to explain why the summer months are a fantastic time to get your boiler serviced and ready for the winter in our latest blog post...

What's included in a boiler service with Vital Plumbers Ltd?

At Vital Plumbers Ltd, our boiler service is a comprehensive check of your boiler and central heating system, that will detect any current or imminent issues that you may have with your boiler. When completing a boiler service, your boiler’s vitals are checked and tasks are carried out that help reduces wear and tear in your boiler system. 

Why is it smart to book your boiler in the summer rather than other months?

You may think that summer is the time where we’d all like to forget about heating our homes, as the warmer weather does enough to keep our mind's off our boilers and central heating costs. But why is it then smart to book your boiler service in the summer when you don't need your central heating as much?

Having a well-kept, raring-to-go boiler that's in prime condition at the start of the winter season is a really good way to lower the chances of your boiler breaking down in the colder months. That's why,  by getting your boiler service in the summer, you will have peace of mind that your central heating system will be ready to keep your home warm all year long. 

Make sure your boiler is running efficiently when you need it

Getting your annual boiler service in summer will mean that your boiler will be running at its most efficient when it is not needed as much. This will ease your system into working harder for the colder months when your heating is on more often. Getting your boiler professionally serviced before you need it to be working at its most, you’ll be making the most amount of savings possible throughout the time that you will need your boiler system. 

Save money on your boiler service

Generally, a heating engineer’s most busy period is during the winter months. Due to this, you may find that boiler servicing prices are much lower due to the supply and demand balance. You can usually find fantastic boiler servicing prices during the winter months. Another reason to get your boiler service booked in whilst the sun is shining.

Get in touch with us to book a boiler service today

Book your summer boiler service across Harpenden and any surrounding areas including Welwyn Garden City, St Albans, and throughout Hertfordshire.

At Vital Plumbers Ltd, we ensure that we keep our boiler servicing prices competitive and ensure that our clients based in Harpenden are getting a fair price for their annual service. If you would like to book your annual boiler service call Vital plumbers on either 07968 941 307 or 01707 551 668 or message us using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We hope you choose Vital Plumbers Ltd for any boiler installations that you may require.